tv units

b&b italia 'flat c'
as we all have size requirements in our houses, we need furnishings that despite their size can be positioned in areas of limited space. this is where the concept for flat.c comes from. designed to house books and a television as well as all hi-fi accessories in the smallest amount of space possible, it also provides a convenient solution for electrical wiring and arranging the wires in cable ways. flat.c is only 25cm in depth: the thickness of the shelves and sides have been extremely reduced.
b&b italia 'pab'
it is the result of a very simple idea: a sheet folded in half and restrained by light ties, designed to be used as a bookshelf and top. in time, pab has become a very successful system, and has grown from the original project into the wide range of configurations and different finishes that make up this year's current version. besides the shelf and back panels, a series of storage units and a number of multi-purpose benches are now available. finishes make up an important part of this identity.
jesse 'open'
the freedom to interpret the living area in all its stylistic variety. open system explores different projects of contemporary interior design that reflect the latest trends in modern living. wide surfaces, elegant material combinations, primary geometric shapes combine in propositions of great originality. functional elements that suit the new habits of our everyday lives: a basic, clean, design concept that offers infinite solutions, from the most simple wall-systems to the most innovative.
ligne roset 'book & look'
two new podium chests are on offer. each one has a niche for a soundbar in the top section which is closed by a batyline cover (choice of white, argile or éléphant). this soundbar niche is located above a flap door in the podium chest w140. with a drawer on each side, it is also above a large full-width flap door in the podium chest w210. podium chests can also take an optional induction charger and a hub with a schuko plug (e.g. for a pc) and two 5v usb ports (for charging two mobile phones).
ligne roset 'canaletto'
an elegant modular range combining lacquer with solid wood. note the quality of finish as embodied by the dark walnut lip which serves as a handle for the doors. it responds perfectly to contemporary requirements of a modular system, offering solutions for hi-fi and storage, plus shelving and a sideboard.
ligne roset 'dita'
uprights are in 15 x 15mm anodised aluminium section in a brushed bronze finish. these frame the wooden panels which are finished in argile lacquer on the interior faces and in a choice of 16 colours for all visible exterior faces: satin white, argile and perle (standard), rouge, bleu, bleu lavande, chocolat, mastic, noir, azur, brique, éléphant, moutarde, ranger, plomb and bleu nuit (to order).
ligne roset 'et cetera'
et cetera is a vertically-constructed programme (assemblies of side panels, shelves, back panels and fronts). basically a range of shelving, it is further enriched by the additional functions of an occasional unit: storage (opaque or glass doors, shelves, drawers), audiovisual equipment and lighting.
ligne roset 'everywhere'
collection of furniture, perfect for any room in the house, comprising pieces for the living or dining room, bedroom or hallway, even TV/hi-fi units.
ligne roset 'postmoderne'
in the case of these new pieces, eric jourdan’s new range of furniture, the work was based around a specific design language. it is drawing which guided the project, the pencil drew, shifted, proportioned the constituent elements of the piece, putting the tops, for example, in complete balance with the offset legs. light in appearance, asymmetrical, hollowed-out, these are the rounded forms beloved by eric jourdan.
pianca 'spazio'
sleek, clean geometric forms, clever interplay of solids and spaces, subtle or striking colour combinations, numerous finishes with diverse tactile and visual appeal, the option of the unique feel ofunique when referred to natural slatestone, special accessories and complements and a superior custom-created integrated stereo sound system hidden inside the structure and exploiting its qualities for excellent acoustics.
tonelli 'como alto'
practical, roomy and complete with a choice of accessories. revolving tv placed centrally on the top shelf
(round or rectangular).
tonelli 'como basso'
roomy and practical, this model comes with two shelves. drawers available in: natural cherry wood, wengé, bleached oak, and natural or black leather, or lacquered in any colour of the ral range.
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