elegance and rigour: these are the two distinctive features of the boston project. the design research is based on the contrast between soft lines, those of the cushions, and the well-defined, precise linearity of the structure.
boston is a sofa whose proposed target is to transversally embrace both the residential and contract segments: its intrinsic nature enables it to qualify any type of interior.
super-soft block-shaped elements that put no limit to socialisation. these are the main features of boxer. a product recalling the informal spirit of the masters of design in their heydays, but which also expresses our own times in its soft touch and accurately finished details.
cambridge is a harmonious formal synthesis between modern lines and classical stylistic elements; dedicated to those wishing to embellish their interiors with a throwback to the past and a touch of elegance, while preserving the versatility offered by an infinite number of compositional solutions.
compos 07
compos 07 is a true tribute to softness: an enfolding and comfortable embrace. something similar to a home-coming in a feathered nest. compos 07 evolves from a contemporary interpretation of a swan classic dating back to the 70’s.
compos 09
compos 09 is a collection of modular sofas with a high visual impact thanks to its large cushions and numerous small cushions, making it welcoming and enfolding. thanks to the high cushions in fact, it moulds perfectly to the body and is able to create authentic islands of super soft relaxation, guaranteeing a natural and ergonomic seat
entirely upholstered in heavy fabric, with its deep pleats and soft lines, dress represents a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional sofa type. it describes the design research focused on the sofa as an object, not just from a formal point of view but also in terms of space. dress has been created to dialogue with the living room interior, to qualify and define it: bourgeois-metropolitan if set in an urban context, elegantly relaxed when used to furnish holiday homes.
flag represents a new concept in terms of combining upholstered elements, conceived for universal application in domestic or contract settings. designed as a sum of individual elements that vary both in size and type of upholstery, to provide a most original visual impact. iconic and modern, it may be used in compositions that trace a sort of “skyline“ to define the space.
it is a sectional sofa with a generously proportioned seat whose design is based on the horizontality of its surfaces, as clearly evidenced by the platform structure housing the seats and armrests which confers an overall look of extreme modernity.
a taste that is young-at-heart, combined with absolute comfort: this is the unique style of harvard. a modular sofa collection of calibrated design, forcefully expressed in the original colour combinations of its upholstery. endowed with great character, it marries a clean-cut formal lightness with advanced ergonomics for an interpretation of sheer comfort.
hemingway is a modular sofa with a spacious seat, harmoniously combining maximum functionality with the comfort that distinguishes all swan furnishings. a built-in mechanism allows for a movement of the backrest which modifies the depth of the seat, thus providing two different user configurations: a relaxation mode for quietly resting when the backrest is open and a more dynamic conversation mode when the backrest is closed.
the hills project starts out with one of those large, comfortable sofa models and revamps it in a way that is more plastic and sculptured thanks to the refined balance between soft lines and generous proportions. hills has been designed to fulfill the function of something akin to a ‘locus’, a place to be freely inhabited, in response to one’s most intimate needs and deepest desires. a place in which to lie down, listen to others, communicate and share… a place of socialization.
the innovative feature characterizing host is intrinsic in its formal construction. a linear and rigid outer frame contains and contrasts with soft cushions to produce a volume of great harmony. the lines of the external frame and the architectural details of the product afford the possibility to appreciate its softness in all respects, as well as creating a distinctive element for its modular function, for a furniture piece that adapts easily and dynamically to any type of living space.
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