side & occasional tables

b&b italia 'awa'
elegantly asymmetrical table designed to be placed next to the sofa or the bed. the plastic shape exploits the properties of cristalplant ®, a refined and sensual material with a soft touch surface that is also strong and extremely practical.
b&b italia 'button'
multipurpose small tables with lacquered cylindrical bases that taper in slightly at the bottom smoothing out their geometry. there are two oval variants accompanied by a third with a round shape. all have a marble top with a raised edge resembling a tray. a formal exercise is created through the combination of different materials, the contrast between the hardness of marble, soft design and minimal details giving the illusion of imperceptible movements of form.
b&b italia 'colosseo'
when designing this new product, fukasawa arrived at the shape he was searching for by considering a solid in the form of an upside-down truncated cone, lightened by arch-shaped grooves that define the surface, creating an assonance with the structure of the famous roman arena it is named after. made of hard polyurethane painted in sixteen glossy colours, colosseo is available in two sizes: 40cm diameter x 45cm height and 50cm diameter x 55cm height.
b&b italia 'cozy'
with cozy, small tables, antonio citterio revisits the aesthetics of the classical three-legged pedestal table, converting it into an intentionally eccentric item of haute design. an attractive element that merges into various interiors, it has a 60 cm high supporting frame in cast brass with glossy finish or in metal alloy with black chromed or pewter painted finish. the 60 cm diameter top is available in several variants.
b&b italia 'eileen'
multipurpose tables with one or two tops in different heights and a sophisticated playful spirit depending on the finishes. there are many graphically powerful combinations of surfaces and frames: glass, wood and lacquer for the former, chrome and varnish, for the latter. various interpretations make them the ideal choice for several settings that can be either rigorous or dynamic.
b&b italia 'fat fat'
the theme of the tray, in white, black or with a copper finish, is picked up to create three tables, whose lightness results from the steel frame. they can even be stacked. a fourth model, which is higher than the others, offers an extremely convenient surface when placed by the sofa.
b&b italia 'fat fat'
inspired by the once popular sand-filled ash trays. hence the creation of service elements made of three variants to be used as convenient surface in various situations. the internal compartment can be used as a container by lifting the trays, while the external fabric and leather covers come in a wide range of colours.
the frank collection includes a further service element in steel. the asymmetrical position of the vertical elements enables the base to be drawn as close as possible to the seats.
b&b italia 'hive'
ottoman and tables are combined to create an original and poetic furnishing complement. the 3D surface of the former results from the assembly of small leather “leaves,” discarded from the manufacturing process; the latter issue from a folded sheet of metal. Inspired by the structure of an actual hive, the hive small table proceeds by free aggregation of elements and accessories, allowing the users to arrange components according to their needs.
b&b italia 'husk'
designed to accompany the husk bed, it is useful in domestic environments with its design based on a circular metal tray lightly resting on solid die-cast supports. painted white or black, the top also has a copper finish as homage to an ancient material that was once associated with classical aesthetics, and which has been revisited today with modern sensitivity.
b&b italia 'mera'
the transversal character easily merges with both the most traditional and modern sofas. the wood or statuarietto marble top with tapered edge recalls the circular frame.
b&b italia 'nix'
details are what make nix small tables important, the thinness of sheet metal tops and the hollow section of the brackets. the highest version also has a wooden or leather top. functional in the living room and bedroom, they are designed to stand alone and also to happily coexist when stacked, which underscores their graphic features.
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