In the 1980s, faced with a market that was still governed by Oriental carpets, Serge Lesage began creating and selling contemporary carpets. a customisation module on their website allows customers to view their creations instantly, whether they are professionals or individuals. Serge Lesage has rapidly gained a reputation as a leader for high-end contemporary carpets and for the manufacture of customised carpets, recognised throughout the world. Each carpet created by the company meets the demand for high quality and manufacture.

100% viscose, hand woven and hand painted. the combination of creams and browns in this rug gives the impression of an age-old patina. an uncertain blue-green light glows from within.
100% viscose, hand knotted. a rug with a silky feel and a refined classic look, where a monogram is repeated all around.
100% leather, hand sewn. leather stripes have been assembled to create a structure with an urban feel, energised by a red path that divides the carpet like the horizon. simple and total commitment.
100% tencel, hand woven. this rug seems simple at first glance, but then reveals an effect of ‘scales’ cut into the pile. its tencel composition provides softness, shine and a sophisticated style.
100% leather, hand sewn. a true rainbow of softness for a home with lots of colour!
new zealand wool & viscose, handtufted.
100% leather, hand sewn. this geometric, trompe-l'œil motif goes against all the rules to boldly create the illusion of tiling.
66% new zealand wool, 34% viscose, handtufted. touches of copper pigments combine with powdery beige to bring dynamism and warmth to this enigmatic rug.
78% new zealand wool and 22% viscose, hand tufted. brush strokes outline a palm grove, or leaves from a monstera or areca plant on this rug in shades of green, to give homes an elegant and sophisticated look.
the floral motif will warm the atmosphere by adding a tropical feel, to make the wait for future travels sweeter.
100% new zealand wool, hand woven. the vital plain rug in shades of cream, sand, smoky grey, charcoal, navy and pigeon grey.
80% new zealand wool, 20% viscose, hand knotted rug. like a picture portraying light and dark, behind reveals a thick cloud of amber-coloured smoke that slowly vanishes into shadow.
100% handspun viscose, hand woven. the softness of bergen, and subtle tones of the chalk-coloured, pink or grey chine effect make a cosy nest for a home full of calm.
100% new zealand wool, hand knotted. a rug in neutral shades, enlivened with textured white and grey forms outlined on a blank canvas.
new zealand wool and viscose, hand knotted. bridge is a mix of gentleness and force, with just a glimpse of a volcanic atmosphere. the anthracite and rust tones intermingle, to light up the centre areas!
100% leather, hand sewn. composed of shaded, fine stripes alternating between tones of grey and beige to create a “needlecord” effect, this rug evokes a gentle and soothing atmosphere with a natural feel.
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