Founded 65 years ago, they drew upon the local tradition of cabinet making using watermills along the Pianca river. Nowadays Pianca work from a 75,000 sqm factory, they combine experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.

all in
“how about we try creating a sofa that looks like it’s suspended off the ground?” this was the design challenge studio cmp set themselves. the result is all in, which, by also drawing on pianca’s manufacturing experience, successfully combines generous, reassuring shapes with boldly articulated proportions. the large, deep seat soars a good 18cm off the ground, suspended over a rather considerable gap. the resulting appearance is one that stands out for its fresh, light feel.
comfort, elegance and adaptability distinguish this new innovative sofa, characterised by an original mechanism for pulling out the seat: simply by using one hand you can slide the back cushion in the ideal position for reading a book or for watching tv in total relaxation; in the same easy way you can bring it to the original upright position, ideal to talk or drink something with family and friends.
boston is an elegant sofa, combining great comfort with strong visual presence. its style is characterised by details of the past, made and embellished with a handcrafted workmanship quality declined from a perspective of industrial production.
the split-level backrests give a sense of movement, while the minimal base supports the large seat cushions, to welcome softly, as if it were the first time. but even if you forget it, the next time will be just as beautiful. delano sofa, constant comfort.
the large, thin feather cushion is incorporated into the body of the sofa, combining that absolute comfort with a light, slender visual impact. with double fixed or reclining backs, a choice of two different armrests and a wide range of modular options, it can satisfy all requirements, with grace. duo sofa, elegance in all sizes.
as light as a cloud, modern and unconventional: eden stands out for its playful, casual character. breaking with tradition, the design does away with a rigid frame and base in favour of expanded polyurethane padding and a technical fabric base sitting directly on the floor for better grip. the modular system is just as original with its use of a supremely simple combination of zips and straps to join the various modules together. piping along all the outer edges embellishes eden’s soft shapes.
pared-back elegance, flexible character, linear design: incontro is versatility in a new guise, striking a perfect balance between classic and modern style. it comes in two versions: in the simpler version, the various elements of the frame are aligned for a uniform look; while in the other, the distinguishing feature is the backrest frame, which is higher than the armrests, for a more dynamic, casual effect. the cylindrical legs can be in a chrome or metallic finish, or lacquered.
dialling up the charisma, comfort and style: a classic bestseller and jewel in pianca’s crown, meridiano’s every detail is honed to perfection. we have tweaked the proportions between the heights of the structure and seat for improved comfort. luxuriously wide armrests and cylindrical headrests that slot into the back give meridiano a solid look and comfortable seating. two feet options: black nylon hidden from view; or square feet made from chrome-plated metal, wood or lacquered.
a guileless charm, reassuring as a warm, pretty face. the inward-sloping arms invite you to relax and sink into this softness. dressed in two different styles, you can opt for a classic fabric covering or add a skirt and edging in matching or contrasting colours. mood sofa, feels good, however you’re feeling.
a large, deep sofa, which naturally forms a central element in any setting. the back curves gently, setting it away from the walls and enlarging the seat. a cascade of cushions completes the design. also available as an armchair. otto sofa, all the space you need.
its clean, simple style is borrowed from yesteryear. this essential bench features a metal structure, three soft sections and a cylindrical cushion. an elegant chair that will look good anywhere, any way. paesaggio bench, where looks count.
palio is synonymous with class and elegance. its generous volumes are set off beautifully by a refined, linear design. the top of the backrest sits flush with the generously and comfortably sized armrests. the backrest offers a choice of two different arrangements: cushions the same width as the seat cushions; or narrower, taller cushions, in this case propped up against purpose-made cylindrical rolls. the feet, with a rectangular section, end in a blade, which is fastened under the armrests.
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