b&b italia 'madison'
with oval round and rectangular bevelling in oversize dimensions (diameter cm 142 and cm 161,5 x 84) to attach vertically or horizontally to the walls; monica armani mirrors create a play of reflections and light in the rooms. special attention was dedicated to the design of the frame, made in baydur® (high density polyurethane) and nickel bronzed painted with a grey mirror or rosy bronze painted with a bronze mirror.
bonaldo 'cactus'
an object that does not need any explanation to understand the origin of its name: with its original design, the cactus mirror
brings a touch of irony to the environments in which it is placed. cactus is composed of two overlapping elements: a
larger silhouette that characterises the mirror itself and a smaller insert in four different finishes of ceramic or composed
of forest green lichen, for an even stronger reference to the true
essence of the green cactus.
bonaldo 'edgeless'
large dimensions and no edges give this mirror a soft shape, suitable for large spaces or for visually expanding smaller environments. the characteristic of this mirror is the ceramic
frame, available in different finishes, on which the mirror is laid,
thus being slightly in relief. the edgeless mirror is available in
two different sizes, perfect for hanging on the wall or resting on
the floor, meeting in this way different stylistic and functional needs.
bonaldo 'hang up'
a touch of movement and irreverent modernity; an unusual game of perspectives is created, emphasised by the contrasting silhouettes. the main characteristic of hang up is the irregular positioning of the mirror. the structure at the back consists of a painted steel frame, while the mirror frame itself is available in lacquered wood (white, anthracite grey or matt quartz grey) or in solid ash-wood (polished white, polished grey, walnut-painted).
bonaldo 'lake'
the concept behind the lake family of mirrors is the overlapping of different layers that visually create an object with a strong decorative component. the first band, the one that
takes up the most space, is composed of the mirror; laid over it
is a central band of metal (painted bronze or painted lead), while the lower band is of glass, in the same finish as the metal. the lake collection consists of four mirrors, each characterised by a different shape and size.
bonaldo 'obel'
elegant mirror which affords a generous reflective surface to make the individual play the starring role. slightly tilted and shaped like a trapezium, the mirror rests on a slim wooden frame, which in turn rests against the wall, giving it volume and depth. the frame is available in walnut-wood, in natural ash-wood or grey ash-wood.
fiam 'caadre'
free standing mirror, also available in hanging version, in 6mm thick curved glass, made of 4 separate elements (neutral version) also available with engravings (engraved version) or semi-reflective glass titanium finishing 6mm thick (titanium version). metal grey-stained frame.
fiam 'caadre tv'
mirror with built-in tv. 5mm sized semi-reflective glass wall mirror made of 4 separate elements curved in semi-reflective glass 6mm painted black on the back. metal frame painted matte black.
fiam 'caldeira'
wall or standing mirror in 8mm high-temperature fused back-silvered glass; artistic relief ornamentation 5mm flat mirror. varnished metal back frame. can be hung in various positions.
fiam 'christine'
wall mirror in 6mm high temperature fused glass, back-silvered. 5mm flat mirror. rear frame in painted metal. can be hung in various positions.
fiam 'dorian'
wall mirror in 6mm high temperature fused glass, back-silvered; 5mm flat mirror. rear frame in painted metal. it can be hung horizontally or vertically.
fiam 'kathleen'
free-standing mirror, also available in hanging version. frame in 6mm high temperature fused glass, available in neutral finish or smoke grey, antique pink and amber back-lacquered finishes. 5mm flat central mirror. free standing version made of metal structure, metallic champagne finish. integrated LED lighting kit (only for free standing version).
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