dining tables

b&b italia 'alex'
three shapes and sizes: rectangular in three lengths, round & square. the frame is made of hard polyurethane with metallic drawn inserts in glossy or satin colours. a wide range of finishes of the tops: brushed light, grey, brushed black, smoked oak, glossy frisé eucalypt, natural wenge, satin or glossy finishes in sixteen colours, marquinia black, sahara noir marble with glossy polyester finish, carrara white marble with matt polyester finish, bronze or grey mirrored glass.
b&b italia 'athos '12'
athos ’12 has two lengths, both in the fixed and extendable version, that can seat up to twelve people by exploiting a concealed mechanism. the v-shaped metal frame supports a thick top that is softened by rounded edges created with a complex milling procedure that maintains a uniform grain on the entire surface. in addition to this recent solution, a version of athos is also available with the original features that were essential to its creation and which has made it a bestseller among tables.
b&b italia 'bolt'
the new bolt table is designed by mario bellini. after various experiences of developing wooden supports for tables, the architect proposed an unusual metal frame, extremely simple, but of strong materiality. three steel interfacing crosspieces in angular sections create a base supporting a round top in transparent extra light glass. the table is available in a single size (165cm) and three base-frame finishes: bronze oxidized steel, sand blasted stainless steel and bright stainless steel.
b&b italia 'bull'
bull uses a subtle structural tension among the elements: the legs with an ample round section, which although slightly inclined seem to be solidly “planted in the ground”, and in contrast a slim top that seems simply to be resting lightly on the frame. available in two sizes - 230cm and 280cm - bull can be entirely in oak in light, grey, black and smoked versions, or with an oak structure and top in black marquinia or white carrara statuarietto marble, both with matt finish.
b&b italia 'eileen'
table and console are classics today with their versatile features (marble, wood or lacquered, as desired), the elegance of the rounded top and the strong profile of the base with its cross-shaped motif. they are the expression of refined aesthetics that combine well with other products.
b&b italia 'lens'
the result of the study of transparent surfaces that are rich in special effects, it is inspired by the kaleidoscope, by the glass panes of 18th century venetian palaces, and produces optical effects: the top of the table lens was obtained through the coupling of two glass sheets with a special internal film to enhance surface depth. the elegant supporting frame is made of white painted metal.
b&b italia 'link'
a single piece, moulded and continuous, with no joints, exploits the properties of cristalplant® to achieve a very smooth and soft material effect. available only in one colour, blinding bright white.
b&b italia 'mirto'
a square variant and three rectangular tables. these are the different versions of the mirto indoor table, initially designed for outdoor use it has now found inside with its precise formal appearance. the table tops range from the reflections of glass to compact marbles onto the different oak finishes. the combinations of structure make for a variety of solutions, also including monochromatic black and white.
b&b italia 'oskar'
with the oskar table, vincent van duysen embraces the more architectural tradition of furniture design, both considering the experience of the masters and presenting its own distinctive piece that can dialogue with the space around it. in its most iconic version, the top in cathedral glass with irregular surface and light green colour perfectly matches the lacquered legs in glossy emerald green. oskar is available in three sizes: two rectangular and one square.
b&b italia 'seven'
three uneven sides are an alternative to the traditional layout. designed to seat 7, in the formation 3+2+2. the appearance changes depending on the wood or lacquer finish but the pattern of the three-branch structure emerges on the top’s surface creating a graphic decoration to contrast with or match the colour of the top.
b&b italia 'the table'
pure, rigorous, basic: the design makes them ideal for a wide range of spaces and furnishing situations, also with an extensive choice of materials and sizes. it is characterised by precise formal synthesis and care for details.
b&b italia 'tobi ishi'
the name refers to the ornamental stones in japanese gardens, which have inspired the components of tobi-ishi. it converges both functional features and a statuesque appearance with amazing results. the overhanging top and bases look different depending on the viewpoint, while the various finishes endow the table with highly personal interpretations: from cement to marble and lacquer also in the sophisticated hues of candy red and smoked blue.
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