Starting in 1936 with Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo specialising in the processing of metals for the furniture industry, the brand has been transforming ideas into designs and making items that generate excitement at first sight for over 80 years. Their products have won many awards over the years including the 'Good Design' and 'Red Dot'.

a line of sophisticated products suitable for imposing living rooms, were devised to furnish elegantly and comfortably offices, meeting rooms and all those areas of public settings intended for welcoming. the quality bespoke cut, the square-shape and the painted metal feet of arno sofa are inspired by arno armchair.
avarit is not just a sofa, but a genuine way to enjoy space. customisation is the key word that distinguishes the avarit modular sofa collection. customers can put together their desired composition starting with a fixed base and backrest, then adding the important seat cushions and down backrest that make up the actual soul of the sofa. in addition, it is possible to choose from an extensive range of upholstery covers in fabric and leather, which can be mixed and matched in total freedom.
bandy swiftly turns the sofa into a convenient bed: the manual mechanism moves the seat forward and lowers the backrest to form a comfortable bed surface. the padding is made of polyurethane and the base is made of mat painted metal. the sofa is upholstered with removable fabric or leather covers; the stitching can also be in the same colour or in contrast with the upholstery (bandy plus).
designed by mauro lipparini, the Blazer family of seating widens thanks to a versatile sofa, suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. the blazer sofa can be used to furnish domestic settings where space is an issue, as well as hospitality industry environments. the slightly sinuous shape of blazer is relaxing and enveloping. the combinations of colours and textures immediately express a fluid and confidential dynamic appeal.
various types of armrests, magazine racks or storage solutions in emery-leather can be included on the outermost sides of the body. small features which contribute towards a styling and functional customisation as well as the way sit and use the sofa with a conventional or an alternative approach. the feet, which give the sofa an almost suspended appearance, are made of mat painted metal. the down and polyurethane padding is upholstered with removable fabric or leather covers.
this modular sofa is called colors because these are its distinguishing feature. the entire perimeter of the seat cushions, body and armrests is covered with a strip of fabric which is available contrasting in colour or pattern, allowing users to customise their sofa and create harmonies or chromatic effects.
the sofa as a choice for comfort, for cosiness. the coral sofa has removable fabric or leather covers. its wide seat gives an unprecedented comfort.
"a genuine sofa at home": cortina is a modular sofa that is also available with a chaise longue and pouf. all the components - backrests, armrests, seat cushions - are padded in down; the backrests and armrests are fitted with mechanical joints that allow them to recline to the user's specific level of comfort. this makes it look more sociable and enticing to relax and sit on casually. the composition can also be supplemented by storage elements or practical emery-leather coffee tables.
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keyword is maximum personalisation: thanks to the many elements from which it is possible to choose, it is an extremely versatile sofa which adapts to every style or space requirement. Indeed, it is possible to create the perfect sofa composition combining a wide range of modules, such as
poufs, corners and chaise longue
the gossip sofa, designed by sergio bicego, stands out for the special system of mix & match modules it comprises. depending on individual requirements, backrests with support cushions, armrests, shelves or coffee tables can be freely incorporated into the perimeter of the bases. the metal backrests are upholstered with leather or eco-leather covers, whereas the seat and backrest cushions are padded with down and upholstered with fabric, leather or eco-leather covers, which are fully removable.
hiro is a modular sofa characterised by sobriety and by a line which interprets with originality the shapes of tradition, evoking charm and timeless elegance. hiro allows you to create compositions which are decidedly classic and sophisticated.
lightness is the distinguishing feature of the lars sofa: the armrests tilt slightly outwards; the feet are made up of a slim metal line which give the sofa a suspended appearance; the cushions in two different sizes create movement and convey an idea of comfort and relaxation. lars sofas are available in two different backrest heights (tall or low). the low version affords maximum modularity. The feet or sliding base are made of mat painted metal.
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