armchairs & footstools

b&b italia 'almora'
dedicated to relaxation, this revolving chair is composed of two conical plastic shells: a seat that joins the base and a backrest. the headrest is a curved piece of oak wood, padded on the inside that stems outwardly from the backrest. it bears the name of the indian region with breathtaking views of the himalayas and aspires to be, according to the designers, “a refuge from the world, a place to contemplate and read.”
b&b italia 'beverly'
it was inspired by a common type, namely folding armchairs designed to meet the need to move furniture around. beverly offers a modern version of the idea in which formal simplicity and the complementary role of other seats do not impair on its intrinsic elegance. conversely, materials are those adopted for important pieces, with the utmost care for detail and studied to enhance the slender and comfortable design.
b&b italia 'coronado'
presented in the distant 1966, after more than forty years it is still the symbol of relaxation. its revolutionary personality in terms of design and of materials is the example of b&b italia’s industrial culture. besides the sofas and armchair, the collection also includes a high armchair with a unique ottoman, which have in common the fact that comfort is ensured by a spring system made of steel music wire strips incorporated into the backrest.
b&b italia 'do-maru'
the small armchair do-maru is named after the ancient armour worn by samurai warriors, made up of painted and decorated thick leather plates that covered and protected the hero’s body. like the swivel armchair almora, designed by doshi-levien in 2014, once again the shell of the seat is made up of a couple of superimposed bodies, softened by paddings that can be upholstered with either fabric or leather. the cast aluminium back support boldly underlines the conical profile of the small armchair.
b&b italia 'edouard'
édouard is a family of innovative padded furniture endowed with powerful aesthetic and functional charm. the system offers two typologies which differ in the height of the frames. designed to enhance comfort with a wide seat and a high back, which can also be fitted with a headrest, studied to ensure efficient and excellent ergonomic support. covers are available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers with coloured raised stitch in relief that define the structures with an impressive graphic ef
b&b italia 'fat sofa'
round, soft and sinuous shapes: this series of floor-standing seats without a metal base offers a new expression of comfort. they are islands that can be upholstered in leather or fabric, and placed alongside to create unique playful solutions. the double-colour versions and those that mix leather and fabric are original with horizontal and vertical surfaces establishing a dialogue with each other through nuances of shades or with stronger contrasts.
b&b italia 'grande papilio'
the name recalls the butterfly because, as explained by the author, “the backrest designs the two wings with the head resting between them and protected by them.” it seems carved out of a block of material from which its inverted truncated cone shape derives. with a powerful personality, its swivel system facilitates contact with the surrounding environment. the chair includes an ottoman footrest for an absolutely relaxing position.
b&b italia 'harbor'
naoto fukasawa continues his research on upside-down truncated cone shaped seats, and, for this project addresses the need to explore the seating with armrests. two forms are ergonomically designed and developed to obtain a relaxing easy armchair with a high back and headrest, and a conversation armchair with a low back. both armchairs have a swivel base and visible metal hinge in the back part that, as with the iconic papilio series, allow to remove the cover, available in fabric or leather.
b&b italia 'harry'
its principal feature, which is comfort, issues from relations between the inclination of backrest and seat, while its unmistakable distinctive trait is the aluminium foot. a small detail that endows a rather traditional product with a genuine modern touch and lightness, which have made it a timeless sofa.
b&b italia 'harry large'
an element that can be used almost everywhere, this large round ottoman has seams on the surface that design four sections. it can be used as a seat or as a convenient surface near the sofas. it can also stand alone.
b&b italia 'husk'
“those who look at a sofa must visually perceive a sense of both mental and physical comfort.” patricia urquiola has conveyed this concept to the armchair husk by designing a stiff body made of hirek® that contains a soft cushion divided into portions, which seem to underscore its ergonomic profile. it is endowed with an original spirit that merges with various styles. three cushion types: standard, which is large and enveloping, or headrest. with or without an ottoman as a footrest.
b&b italia 'j.j'
the j.j. family presents armchairs with a different look and a wide variety of materials: with a steel-rod structure supporting a wooden frame, they convey a certain degree of lightness. entirely made of thermo-treated ash wood. details are carefully studied for every armchair, ranging from polypropylene ribbons that design the backrest to mattresses covered with an embossed rhomboid design, which can be adopted to enhance comfort. there is also an armchair fitted with a sleigh base.
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